Experience Coaching through Partnership, Purpose, Process & Performance


Partnership:  Welcome to International Coaching Week 2019.  Jenny Rogers is one of the UK’s most experienced executive coaches and the author of “Coaching Skills” which is often referred to as the “Bible” on how to coach successfully.  Jenny defines coaching as “a partnership of equals whose aim is to achieve speedy, increased and sustainable effectiveness through focused learning in every aspect of the client’s life.  Coaching raises self-awareness and identifies choices.  Working to the client’s agenda, the coach and client have the sole aim of closing the gaps between potential and performance.”  I love that definition and I’m thrilled to share this profession with Jenny and so many others who are focused on raising self-awareness.  I invite you to explore your hopes, strengths, and goals—through coaching.

Purpose: Our behaviors affect us, our teams, our colleagues, our family, and our friends.  How would it feel to be more connected, focused and aligned in your professional and personal life?  What if you could raise your self-awareness to align with your true purpose and make a significant difference in how you engage with those around you?  Imagine feeling less stress and frustration; more laughs, smiles, and harmony. First, create this in your own life by becoming deeply self-aware of your behaviors and how they impact those around you.  Then identify new and different behaviors to practice and watch the ripple effect you will create. If this sounds encouraging to you, I invite you to explore coaching.

Process: Don’t let anybody tell you the coaching process is easy. It takes courage and energy to become the leader you want to be. By digging in and asking tough questions, and then answering them honestly, you’ll gain often-surprising (and sometimes frustrating) insights about your situation, your goals and the behaviors that help or hinder your effectiveness. With a coach, together, you can set a direction and define the steps to begin moving in the direction that defines an accomplished and ever-growing leader.

Performance: I’m certainly not a statistics guru so I rely on the experts. In a recent article, I read the following; the Institute of Coaching cites that over 70% of individuals who receive coaching benefited from improved work performance, relationships and more effective communication skills. They also reported that 86% of companies feel that they recouped the investment they made into coaching.  Those are odds I would bet on – don’t gamble with your effectiveness alone.  Increase your odds, deliver on your goals and improve your results – engage with a coach!