Facilitating positive change by improving thinking…


As a successful business leader, you already have high expectations for your performance—and that has you pulled in so many directions that you feel more stretch than impact.

It can be different.  What if…

What if your goals were so clear, and your direction so strong, that you were surpassing your own demanding expectations? What if your professional life left you with a lot more energy—instead of less and less—to devote to your personal life?

I can help get more of the results you want—by helping you become more of who you want to be.

As I have with hundreds of leaders and executives, I will work with you to identify the behaviors that help you thrive and the behaviors that get in the way of the results you want. Actions cause ripples. My systematic approach combines best practices, science and my personal investment in helping you—all to give you a deep awareness of your behaviors, actions and the ripples (good and bad) they create.

The result? More of the ripples you want, leading to even more of the results you need.

How we’ll approach this—together

You are in the middle of things, and if you’re like most successful leaders you have little chance of a “time out” to do our work together. The good news is that all that “stuff” you’re in the middle of—your current situation—is a rich source of information and insight. We’ll begin right there.

My coaching process is a systematic, intentional blend of tested techniques, science-based insights and a personal passion for helping leaders become and deliver what they aspire to—and often beyond.

We’ll begin by EXPLORING what’s most important to you—what you truly care about and the outcomes you desire in both your professional and personal lives. We’ll make the classical distinctions between the important and the urgent, and we’ll go beyond that to determine the size of obvious priorities and the subtleties of less obvious ones.

From that foundation, we’ll DIG DEEP to create a rich awareness of the true current state. Past clients tell me that the mutual trust and respect that I earn with them allows an open, honest dialogue that fuels our discovery. I’ll also conduct confidential interviews with your stakeholders—such as peers and employees—to get insights that none of us can ever acquire on our own. Our 1:1 conversations and interviews combined will uncover very specific behaviors that are getting in the way of ultimate effectiveness—as well as the strengths that fuel our success.

The core of our collaboration is REFINING your goals and desired outcomes as well as the strategies to achieve them. Here we’ll identify new and different behaviors to practice—while continuing to get feedback from key stakeholders. Clients find that in this stage, our work begins to fuel better decision making, clearer thinking, productive behavior change and—most important—personal accountability for our behaviors and the ripples that result.

You’ll GROW into the leader you want to become as your new behaviors start working and you continue your own cycles of exploration, digging deeper, and refining. When my clients see the results of more effectiveness and positive engagement with their teams, more hard-fought professional results, and more energy to invest in their personal lives, it’s like a cocktail of neurochemicals rush through their brains—creating their own ripples of motivation and excitement to sustain their new behaviors and continue growing into the leader they aspire to be.