Talking Leadership with Bobby & JJ


Last month, Bobby and JJ allowed me to crash their radio show and talk about how leaders create self-awareness of their ripples.  Bobby Cortez and JJ Gorena are San Antonio based consumer advocates dedicated to bringing timely local market information through the wisdom of top tier professionals in the San Antonio Metro area.

Each week, they tap into topics such as law, taxes, finance, investment, insurance, home improvement, mortgage, credit repair, the local economy, and their favorite which is real estate. It was a pleasure for them to allow me to bring in my favorite subject of ripples and leadership development.

Bobby and JJ’s goal for every show is to educate the listeners on these various timely matters that will empower listeners to use learned information by engaging them to do something that’s very positive for themselves and their families.  My goal is coaching leaders to have ripples of productive impact on their organizations, their peers, their teams and even their family and friends. 

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