RIPPLE Leadership™

RIPPLE Leadership™  
Designing Your Leadership Journey

The RIPPLE Leadership™ program is designed to help participants gain perspective into their own leadership behaviors and then choose a path forward in their Leadership Journey based on their unique perspective goals.

This highly interactive learning experience is designed with discussion, activities, and real work for participants to be actively engaged throughout the program. Participants will leave the program with a clear path forward to live the Leadership Journey they’ve designed today, tomorrow, and beyond.

Pre-work and Kick-off Dinner:

In preparation for the workshop, participants will reflect on what has shaped them into the leaders they are today. This guided pre-work walks through their past stories and experience, a Hogan Assessment and a Feedback collection process. Each step will prime the mind and is important preparation to explore in greater detail during the workshop. Participants will revisit and build on these items in the session.

The kick-off dinner will allow the participants to get to know those who will be joining them on their learning journey, begin the values journey and learn a little about one another’s individual leadership stories, values, and characteristics. They will be prepared to dig deep into the workshop the next day.

Program Components:

Introduction: Participants will identify their Leadership Brand and define what success as a leader means to them. Here they will begin to discuss the power of inside-out leadership and get exposed to the steps in the RIPPLE™ Leadership model.

Reflect: Participants will continue the practice of deep reflection to complete an internal inventory of self, purpose, and values.  Evaluating their current level of leadership, what’s working, and what’s getting in the way of leading and delivering results.

Insights: Participants will gain insights and perspectives from other sources – performance reviews, assessments, feedback, and coaching. They will learn how to continue gathering insight and how to utilize it for continuous improvement.

Plan: Participants will begin to deeply analyze, digest, and process the information obtained thus far. Next, they will define their desired leadership identity and develop an action plan to make their leadership journey a reality.

Practice: Participants will be introduced to the psychology of behavior change and habit formation. They will learn the “practice of leadership” as a discipline and how to build up the behaviors and habits necessary to be the leader they desire.

Lead: Participants will further apply their learning to actual leadership situations they face to become more aware of the types of ripples they create. They will take what they’ve learned about themselves and begin influencing how to lead others. 

Evolve: Participants will see the value of this ongoing process to work with over and over and how using this process repeatedly will help them become the level of leader they want with the ROI – ripples of impact they desire.