Leadership ROI


Let’s be honest about leadership: getting it right
is incredibly hard, especially in today’s
pressure-packed modern workplace. Everything
you say and everything you do impacts you,
those around you, and beyond.

The problem is, you’re usually so busy doing the
work and delivering results that you don’t even
recognize what’s going wrong, how you’re
affecting others, and how much work stress
you’re letting spill into your home life.

It doesn’t have to be this way. You have the
power to change your trajectory and design a
successful leadership journey. This workshop is
designed to help leaders create dynamic ripples
of influence and maximize their leadership ROI
through a strategic three-step framework:

  • Future leaders, first-time leaders,
    and leaders of leaders will get
    support as they find their way and
    figure out how to lead.
  • Experienced and seasoned leaders
    will get a refresher on past
    leadership lessons and/or learn
    how to become more effective
    leaders in the modern workplace.


  • Develop deep self-awareness and
    understand if your ripples are
    productive or destructive.
  • Identify and define your core
    leadership values.
  • Create an individualized plan for
    future leadership success.
Step 1: Invest in You. Reflect on your leadership, identify your values, and cast your vision.
Step 2: Invite Input. Gather and analyze reviews and feedback from others.
Step 3: Initiate Your Plan. Set your leadership goals, map out a success plan, and take action right away.





    • Lead yourself well so you can create dynamic ripples of influence as you lead others
    • Give, receive, and analyze feedback as a welcome part of your leadership journey
    • Identify your leadership values and use them to define your unique vision of success
    • Implement your leadership ROI plan through mind mapping, goal setting, and journaling
    • Make the most of an accountability partner to foster continued growth as a leader


    • Two-day interactive workshop
    • Comprehensive participant guide
    • Knowledgeable empathetic facilitator
    • Collaborative group discussions



    • Uncover the leadership blind spots that are causing poor outcomes for your team
    • Learn how to make a positive impact on those around you and beyond
    • Enable full engagement across multiple generations, varying work styles, and work/life priorities
    • Design your path to becoming an empathetic leader who inspires results


Are you ready to invest in your leaders and show them you value intentional leadership?

Let’s connect and start the journey to maximize leadership ROI.