RIPPLE Leadership™: Designing your Leadership Journey (Session 1 of 6)


As leaders, everything you say and everything you do has an impact on you, those around you and beyond – the ripples we create can have either a positive or negative effect. These ripples go much further than those around us inside the office. They most likely reach our homes, our families, and our team’s families.

As a leader, you are the center of your own ripples, you are in control. You bring energy and inspiration to your team, and you bring calm. You help them be effective, fully engaged, and high performing; and avoid creating rough seas that detract from performance.

The ripples you create are hugely powerful, and your ability to manage them greatly influences you and your impact as a leader. By being thoughtful and intentional to design your personal leadership journey, you significantly increase your chances of being the leader you want with the ROI you desire.

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