Cohesive Leaders & Team Players

The single most untapped competitive advantage is teamwork!!

The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team is an assessment-based learning experience that helps you discover what it takes to build high-performing teams and healthy organizations. This powerful tool teaches individual contributors to C-suite executives, the critical behaviors, and interpersonal skills needed to work together effectively. The result is a unique and impactful solution that empowers individuals and team members to rethink their approach to teamwork, shape new, more productive behaviors to increase productivity, and create a common language that completely redefines what it means to work together to drive results. 

3 Easy Steps to Unleash the Power of VIRTUAL Teamwork

Step 1: The Assessment
It all starts when taking The Five Behaviors® Personal Development assessment to unlock personalized insights and improve collaboration and teamwork skills.
Step 2: Exclusive Virtual Event with Patrick Lencioni
Access to “The Five Behaviors for Virtual Teams,” exclusive virtual interview featuring The Five Dysfunctions of a Team best-selling author Patrick Lencioni, to hear his unique insights on the challenges teams are currently facing, and the behaviors needed to work together effectively.
Step 3: Five Behaviors Personal Development Virtual Training
Once a month, I will facilitate a 90-minute customized Five Behaviors Personal Development follow-up training to bring the learning experience full circle. During our time we will focus on building the foundation of TRUST and explore productive CONFLICT.
The Five Behaviors Personal Development solution teaches individuals to become better teammates by integrating the model at the individual level. The goal is to completely redefine teamwork and collaboration.
Personal Development was designed specifically to work for individuals; participants do not all need to be part of the same team. Rather, participants can carry the takeaways of this program from one team to the next, enabling a culture of teamwork.
Register for the Assessment, Special Session & Virtual Training:
Step 1:   Complete Registration and Assessment
Step 2:   Access to the exclusive virtual interview featuring Patrick Lencioni
Step 3:   Attend 90-minute Virtual Training 
  Select your session date during the registration process.
Register Now $129
UPGRADE: Team Player Personal Development Workshop
Learners at all levels of an organization can benefit from this program and adopt its powerful principles, shape behaviors, and create a common language that empowers people to rewrite what it means to work together.
As an UPGRADE, we are offering a 5-week VIRTUAL workshop. During our time we will focus on ALL Five Behaviors. That’s four additional sessions for $30 each.

Register for the Assessment, Virtual Interview & FULL workshop starting October 21, 2020.

Step 1:   Complete Registration and Assessment
Step 2:  Access to the exclusive virtual interview featuring Patrick Lencioni
Step 3:   Attend 5-Week Workshop
  • Session 1: October 21; Intro & Trust one another
  • Session 2: October 28; Engage in Conflict around ideas
  • Session 3: November 4; Commit to Decisions
  • Session 4: November 11; Hold one another Accountable
  • Session 5: November 18; Focus on Collective Results & Action Planning
Register Now $349