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What it Means to be a Chief Engagement Officer

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State of Teams

Teams are the building blocks of any organization, and our working lives are becoming more team-oriented than ever before. Over the past several decades, employees have devoted much more time to collaboration — in meetings, on phone calls, or via email and chat platforms. Engaging with their team(s) now accounts for over 60% of employees’ […]

3 Ways to Act during this Crisis, or in any Stressful Environment

We are all in the midst of a crisis we’ve never experienced before. Today’s environment is not a result of something you said or did. Today’s crisis was brought upon us by a pandemic few could’ve imagined. As with any stressful situation, you are likely in a fight or flight mode and the stress hormone […]

Talking Leadership with Bobby & JJ

Last month, Bobby and JJ allowed me to crash their radio show and talk about how leaders create self-awareness of their ripples.  Bobby Cortez and JJ Gorena are San Antonio based consumer advocates dedicated to bringing timely local market information through the wisdom of top tier professionals in the San Antonio Metro area. Each week, […]

Facilitating positive change by improving thinking…

As a successful business leader, you already have high expectations for your performance—and that has you pulled in so many directions that you feel more stretch than impact. It can be different.  What if… What if your goals were so clear, and your direction so strong, that you were surpassing your own demanding expectations? What […]