Facilitating positive change by improving thinking…

As a successful business leader, you already have high expectations for your performance—and that has you pulled in so many directions that you feel more stretch than impact. It can be different.  What if… What if your goals were so clear, and your direction so strong, that you were surpassing your own demanding expectations? What […]

360 Live Stakeholder Interviews

“the best solicited feedback is confidential feedback. It’s good because nobody gets embarrassed or defensive.” ― Marshall Goldsmith

Experience Coaching through Partnership, Purpose, Process & Performance

Partnership:  Welcome to International Coaching Week 2019.  Jenny Rogers is one of the UK’s most experienced executive coaches and the author of “Coaching Skills” which is often referred to as the “Bible” on how to coach successfully.  Jenny defines coaching as “a partnership of equals whose aim is to achieve speedy, increased and sustainable effectiveness […]

Maximum Engagement through Brain-Friendly Conversations

Are your interactions with your team helping them to be their best selves and deliver their best performance—every day?   I’ve spent the last 20-plus years working with hundreds of leaders to identify the behaviors that help them thrive and the behaviors that get in the way of their leading high-performing teams and delivering the results […]