Tenice Bio

Tenice Wehmeyer is dedicated to helping leaders and teams grow and deliver in every way they aspire to — thriving in their professional lives and still having all the energy they need to flourish personally.

Tenice brings 20 years of human capital experience — from talent management to learning and development, from manager training to executive onboarding, assessments and promotions — within a variety of industries and companies ranging from start-up to Fortune 100. She excels in building credibility and trust with her clients to enable candid explorations of aspirations and the behaviors that help or hinder realizing them.

Tenice herself is always learning and growing, and one of her ongoing interests is the relative contributions of self-confidence and self-criticism in executive performance and personal fulfillment. Her research interests include brain-based leadership, which informed her master’s degree research project on “Strategies to Improve Manager and Leader Capabilities through Disciplines of Neuroscience.”

As an executive coach and leadership consultant, Tenice partners with her clients through self-discovery and awareness to unlock their potential to produce sustainable results, make desired behavior change and have greater confidence in their ability to lead and deliver extraordinary results. As a speaker and workshop facilitator, she delivers engaging and powerful sessions, connecting with audience or participants to ensure their time investments yield valuable learnings.